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Laboratory safety centrifuge - explosion-proof centrifuge

Overview of Laboratory Safety   Laboratory is an important research field of experiment teaching and the importance of security issues is a laboratory can play its prerequisite and guarantee, attaches great importance to the laboratory in a variety of security problems, can be all kinds of laboratory safety prevention and governance, not only can avoid the accidents during the process of experiment and guarantee the safety of the lives and property, laboratory It can promote the smooth progress of the experimental project.   Centrifuge safety accidents are also more and more frequent, especially in the centrifugal flammable and explosive samples, the centrifuge is filled with combustible gas, once the centrifuge due to static electricity or collision and other reasons to generate sparks, resulting in the centrifuge combustion and explosion accident. Therefore, when centrifuging the solution containing flammable and explosive materials, the sealed explosion-proof and explosion-proof centrifuge should be ensured.   What is flameproof     Flameproof refers to the isolation and obstruction measures taken to prevent the loss caused by the explosion, so as to reduce the adverse consequences caused by the explosion, mainly aiming at limiting the explosion range; And explosion-proof to prevent the explosion of inflammable, explosive items, the main is for explosion source explosion-proof measures, such as explosion-proof lights, etc. Flameproof class D.   Flameproof and explosion-proof centrifuges can be customized according to customer requirements. For details, please contact the website for consultation. Telephone number: 18613981561       Company introduction   Hunan Husi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in Xiangjiang New Area in 2007. After more than ten years of development, it has become a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, independent brand, independent innovation ability, set research and development, production, sales of laboratory equipment and high-tech enterprises.   Executive Director, Laboratory Instrument Branch, Chinese Instrument Society   Executive Director, Laboratory Instrument Branch, China Instrument Industry Association   Vice President of Laboratory Instrument Association of China Inspection and Quarantine Association   The company mainly produces all kinds of laboratory centrifuge/water rapid measurement instrument and vacuum centrifuge concentrator, and has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, ISO13485:2016 medical device quality management system certification and CE certification, and has led the preparation of ASTM international standard of total solid content of natural rubber.   Products are widely used in disease prevention and control, food safety, military, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, biological products, pharmaceutical, biochemical testing, agricultural science, environmental protection and petrochemical, food production and research fields. Set up direct offices/after-sales service centers in Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shenyang, Xi 'an, Chongqing, Jinan, Kunming, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Changsha and other places.   With the service tenet of "Based on standards, developing standards and leading standards", Hussey Instruments aims to develop Chinese scientific instruments and equipment and catch up with the advanced level of the world.



Hersey instruments | new products, strong attack convenient - 7100 by centrifuge

With the rapid development of society and economy, the market competition is increasingly fierce, a hundred flowers bloom, the major instrument industry giants actively explore the development of differentiation and uniqueness.   Hussey Instruments with the "development of standards, based on standards, leading standards" for the purpose of service, gather digital enabling instruments, at the same time, through the continuous innovation of researchers, the adoption of new technology under the application, 2022 is bound to let more users worthy of expectation and attention. At the beginning of its establishment, Hussey Instruments has been adhering to the spirit of "quality first, innovation", step by step, to help customers meet the requirements of major experimental testing, quickly won the market recognition of the industry, and grow.   Hussey Instruments new product →710BY convenient centrifuge attack, this new product will help customers to better meet the needs of biopharmaceutical, surface water total phosphorus detection, cell and gene therapy, clinical testing, biochemical testing, academic research laboratory and other fields of scientific research.   710BY Convenient centrifuge   This instrument adopts the design of separating the fuselage from the control end, and uses small program to control the instrument, which solves the problem that the instrument needs to be controlled closely in high-risk environment, and monitors and collects data for the experimental centrifugation process.   Host Features:   1. Separate design, body and mobile control end are designed independently, and control within 10 meters through small program;   2, the use of microcomputer with self-developed control board and large torque AC/DC brushless motor, stable operation, low noise, provide a comfortable laboratory environment;   3. Intelligent iot system, which can be operated with mobile phone or tablet; Can be standard plate.       4, with a variety of warning functions, such as overspeed, overtemperature, overvoltage, imbalance, undervoltage and so on, can monitor and record the centrifugation process, and store the centrifugation scheme;   5, the use of mechanical door lock, easy to operate, adapt to all kinds of harsh environment, just gently close the door cover, that is, will trigger the door lock system, the door cover safe lock (the door cover is not closed state can not start the centrifuge);   6. The centrifugal chamber is made of alloy aluminum, which can resist the corrosion of most chemical reagents and solvents.   7. Have CFDA record and CFDA production qualification, passed ISO 9001 (2015) certification and ISO 13485 (2016) certification.



Hussey microwave transmission instrument | ethanol content detector power resistance to disease

At present, the most important thing is how to prevent and defeat the epidemic. At WHO's regular COVID-19 briefing on 16 April 2021, Maria Van Khov, Technical Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme, said that the "double mutant" virus found in India carries the E484Q and L452R mutations. This characteristic makes DELTA variant have the characteristics of strong transmission, short incubation period, high viral load, rapid disease development, high proportion of severe cases, and possible immune escape.     Under such an environment, the disinfection and protection work must be completed. In order to further improve the disinfection of coronavirus, alcohol and disinfectant should be used every day to disinfect the environment, so as to protect the environment and human body, and the most important thing is the control of moisture. Hussey Instrument independent innovation research and development of ethanol content microwave transmission detector, breaking the traditional classical method of measuring water content. The use of microwave transmission method to accurately measure water content can be quickly determined, which can be used in the field and help in the fight against COVID-19. Why use 75% diluted alcohol?   The main reason is that 95% alcohol has a strong ability to coagulate proteins, so that the outer wall of bacteria solidifies rapidly, but forms a protective film. Alcohol cannot penetrate into the interior to completely kill bacteria, and bacteria will revive again at the appropriate time. And 75% alcohol generally will not make the bacteria outer wall protein too fast coagulation, can make alcohol into the bacteria inside, completely kill bacteria. Therefore, 75% alcohol disinfection ability is strong.   The main characteristics of ethanol content microwave transmission detector   1, disinfection alcohol content tester is a fast intelligent determination of alcohol moisture content, a single measurement time in 2-3 seconds, to achieve the moisture content of alcohol digital.   2, the use of alcohol in the water molecules, alcohol at different temperatures of different reactions to microwave measurements, using the computer for rapid correction calculation, get the correct measurement results.   3, the use of computer control waveguide oscillator radiation fixed frequency, fixed intensity and matched with the sample of the microwave.   4. The automatic feeder will be used to evenly and stably feed the specific material to be determined into the measuring tube to minimize the uncertainty and error caused by manual operation.   5, the use of advanced digital technology intuitive display of the correct measurement results.   6. After the measurement is completed, the alcohol will be recovered automatically to minimize the waste of raw materials.   Ethanol content microwave transmission detector host parameters: Product model Ethanol content microwave transmission detector Measuring range Water content in ethanol solution3%vol~60%vol Resolution of display 0.1% Accuracy of measurement ±1.5vol Reading way Tft-lcd digital display Measurable, respectively, Different machines can be selected according to the requirements of the measured substances Latex, milk, juice, paint, daily chemical, grain moisture   Hunan Husi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. was registered in Xiangjiang New Area in 2007. After more than ten years of development, it has become a professional high-tech company with independent intellectual property rights, independent brand, independent innovation ability, set research and development, production, sales of laboratory equipment as one of the professional high-tech company, centrifuge standard drafting unit.   The company mainly produces high speed refrigerated centrifuge, super large capacity refrigerated centrifuge, low speed refrigerated centrifuge, room temperature centrifuge, crude oil moisture determination centrifuge, vacuum centrifuge concentrator, 3H series intelligent centrifuge and latex moisture rapid measurement instrument, and is the first in the industry to pass ISO13485: 2016 Medical device quality management system certification, ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification and CE certification.   The company's products are widely used in military, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, central blood stations, hospitals, biological products, pharmaceutical, biochemical testing, agricultural science, environmental protection and petrochemical, food and other production and research fields. Hussey Instrument has set up direct offices and after-sales service centers in Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shenyang, Harbin, Xi 'an, Chongqing, Jinan, Kunming, Wuhan, Nanchang, Lanzhou, Changsha and other places.   With the service tenet of "Quality is life, integrity is fundamental, service is first-class, reputation is the first", the company aims to develop Chinese scientific instruments and equipment and catch up with the advanced level of the world.



Herexi instruments invites you to attend the GLOBAL ENERGY SHOW EXHIBITION&CONFERENCE

Dear customers and partners, How do you do Thank you very much for your long-term support to Hunan Hesi Instrument Co., LTD. Our company will attend the GLOBAL ENERGY SHOW EXHIBITION&CONFERENCE, where we will SHOW you our independently produced centrifuge and other testing and inspection equipment. We sincerely look forward to your visit and await your arrival. Name: GLOBAL ENERGY SHOW EXHIBITION&CONFERENCE Exhibition time: June 7th - June 9th, 2022 Venue: 20 Roundup Way SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2W1 Hussey booth: 1389 As North America's leading energy event, Global Energy Show is the largest B2B trade show and conference that brings together industry buyers and sellers, stakeholders and partners, ceos and young professionals to share knowledge and drive innovation in the changing energy landscape. The Global Energy Show will include exhibitions and conferences on all energy systems, including oil sands, hydrogen, wind, solar, petrochemicals, natural gas and liquefied natural gas, electrification and nuclear. Since no single energy source can meet the growing global demand for energy, the Global Energy Show is a place for Canada to demonstrate its vision and leadership in bringing together the right people to address global challenges with real-world solutions. At The World Energy Show 2022, energy professionals will gather to lead in meeting energy demand, discuss the energy transition, showcase technology and innovation, and discover the role of all energy sources in the larger energy system. Hersey instruments part of the exhibition products Hussey instruments exhibition products are: oil centrifuge TD6Y/ moisture fast measuring instrument, core high-speed refrigerated centrifuge and other honorary title of analytical instrument testing equipment. Petroleum centrifuge It is designed according to "Centrifugal method for determination of water and sediment in Crude Oil", and meets the requirements of GB/T6533-2012 standard. It is an ideal separation equipment for determination of water and sediment in crude oil by centrifuge. Moisture rapid tester Immune blood centrifuge is our company for blood group serology, blood group routine testing, microcolumn gel, red blood cell washing, immune detection and other test development. SERO rotors are used for red blood cell cleaning, HLA rotors for lymphatic cleaning, blood group rotors for serology, blood group routine testing, red blood cell washing, microcolumn gel immunoassay, etc. Core high speed refrigerating centrifuge Soil pF curve detection is determined by the relationship among soil suction, bulk density and weight water content, so as to obtain high-precision soil moisture characteristic curve pF. Core high speed refrigerated centrifuge is used to determine capillary pressure, wettability and related core properties of core samples. In order to promote the comprehensive development and level improvement of analytical and testing instrument technology in China, encourage innovation, promote the industrialization and marketization of analytical and testing instruments with independent intellectual property rights, discuss the future trend of Chinese inspection and testing instruments. We warmly welcome you to join us and hope you can provide us with some good reference and suggestions. Our growth and development cannot be separated from the guidance and care of every customer! About the Hussey instrument Hunan Herexi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. has been registered since 2007. After more than ten years of development, it has become a professional high-tech company with research and development, production and sales of laboratory equipment and instruments with self-owned intellectual property rights, independent brands and independent innovation capabilities. Herexi Instruments regards product research and development as an important strategy to build the core competitiveness of the company and promote the company's sustainable development. The company has independently developed 3H series intelligent high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, RH2010SF-I rapid moisture analyzer, ZLS series vacuum centrifugal concentrator and other products, among which 3H series intelligent highspeed refrigerated centrifuge has reached the world's leading level, RH2010SF-I rapid moisture determination The instrument pioneered a new era of moisture testing. In 2017 and 2018, The company was awarded the qualification of "Special Instrument and Equipment of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine"



From xiaobian, how much do you know about vacuum centrifugal concentrator?

Recently, xiaobian found that the sample pretreatment method stipulated by the NATIONAL standard is mostly nitrogen blowing and rotary steaming, while the vacuum centrifugal concentrator tried by the laboratory failed to go in?     Vacuum centrifugal concentrator is used to reduce the boiling point of solvent by vacuuming, vacuuming of vacuum pump and/or with cold trap to collect the evaporative vapor in time to complete the purpose of removing solvent and drying/concentrating samples. Because of continuous vacuumization, the boiling point of the solvent under vacuum conditions is reduced, and the sample temperature will be reduced, which can effectively ensure the activity of the sample; A certain centrifugal force will keep the sample at the bottom of the container, almost no loss; And can handle a lot of samples at the same time, small series of feeling than nitrogen blowing, steam, etc., on the sample processing capacity, ensure the sample activity, concentration efficiency are much stronger, after the user tries to reflect is very good, estimate or know less people? Many of the previous publicity emphasized freeze-drying, coupled with the national standard recommended rotary evaporation and nitrogen blower and other factors, so the vacuum centrifugal concentration appears low-key.       Nitrogen blowing is concentrated to some volatile solvents such as low boiling point ethanol at room temperature and pressure; Vacuum centrifuge concentrator can achieve solvent concentration by vacuum control for medium, high and low boiling point solvents. From my own understanding of this instrument, I think it is a good instrument, which can ensure the sample activity, and several times faster than freeze-drying. Compared with rotary evaporation and nitrogen blowing instrument, the sample volume is much larger. And also trust the software and data of professional manufacturers, to optimize the experimental scheme is very helpful!!       Vacuum centrifugal concentration meter on the design to use "control vacuum" key characteristics, there is not much to limit sample weight, which is better than a feature of the advantages of freeze drying, freeze drying need sample thickness is 1 cm, otherwise the lyophilization process will be slower), cheng fang sample container is actually placed on centrifugal rotor of the centrifugal vacuum concentration meter host, The rotor has a certain tilt Angle, so considering that the liquid level may flow out of a certain slope after the tilt, as long as it is not too full, enough to fill about 95%. Concentration meter is not the same as the size, the distribution of vacuum pump is not the same, any cold trap, host is not the same as the heating temperature, different set vacuum will affect the efficiency of enrichment, for example, use common enrichment apparatus enrichment nucleic acid in ethanol, enrichment, 70 ml about half an hour, if large infrared heating machine, also is a few minutes.     From the user's point of view, is to hope to clearly know the progress of the experiment, the panel display parameters, it is very convenient to optimize and adjust the experimental scheme;   Vacuum concentration is the key to the control of vacuum, ---- with a good pump, no control function on the pump a strong pumping, temperature drop too low lead to sample evaporation into sublimation, into freeze-drying, then the rate is absolutely slow down; With a pump, high temperature is easy to cause the samples, so the vacuum control absolutely necessary, in view of the instrument panel display data to adjust the Settings again vacuum and heating temperature, the sample handling up absolutely effective, so I'm more inclined to customize pump to compose a concentrated system, rather than buy don't brand enrichment system of the built-in pump, Built-in pump system although initially selected instrument can save snacks, but do experiments have a situation in the future, in what isn't very convenient for the pump, and a few manufacturer of vacuum centrifugal enrichment system of vacuum control function or not, or is not standard, or according to real data is not comprehensive, then can keep on the centrifugal speed, rotor on make up, looked very tough to get parameters, But it ignores the importance of a substantial vacuum.



Operation and maintenance of soil centrifuge in testing

Soil testing laboratory commonly used centrifuges have low speed, high speed centrifuges, and all kinds of centrifuges with refrigeration function. Low speed centrifuge (including large capacity) is the most widely used. Centrifuge is an important tool in soil detection.     In order to solve the problems of heavy chemical fertilizer, light organic fertilizer, blind fertilization and excessive fertilization, soil testing and formula fertilization technology should be widely used in order to improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, reduce the waste of fertilizer resources, reduce agricultural non-point source pollution, protect the ecological environment and ensure the sustainable development of agriculture.   1 The necessity of centrifuges   The composition of soil solution plays an important role in predicting the biological availability of nutrients to plants, especially when solution concentration is expressed as a single ion activity. To determine the activity of ion species in soil solution, it is necessary to prepare an extract that can accurately reflect the real soil solution. To prepare the soil solution, a centrifuge is used.   2 Centrifuge usage steps   Before each test, check whether the centrifuge speed control knob is in zero, whether the outer sleeve is intact, rubber pad, sealing apron is dislocated, the sealing apron of the door to ensure good sealing, after a period of time will be coated with vacuum sealing grease. If the sealing ring is found to be aging, cracking and losing elasticity, it should be replaced immediately.   The collection method of soil samples is to obtain undisturbed samples with the ring knife matching the centrifuge, and each soil sample takes 4 repeated samples. Soil samples were brought back to the laboratory, saturated with water for 48h, and centrifuged by high-speed refrigerated centrifuge [3]. Before centrifugation, the centrifugal soil sample should be transferred into the appropriate centrifugal tube, and the amount should be 1~2cm away from the mouth of the core tube, so as not to be thrown out during centrifugation.   (1) Balance each centrifugal tube well.   (2) Connect the power supply and turn on the switch.   (3) After setting centrifugal speed, time and other parameters, place the balanced sample tube.   (4) after centrifugation, the centrifuge itself to stop turning to start, can hit the boot cover, take out the centrifuged soil sample.   (5) Turn off the switch, cut off the power supply, and clean the centrifuge inside and outside.   3 Precautions before use   3.1 Selection of centrifugal tube   When loading the prepared soil samples, the specific operation instructions of various centrifuges should be carried out according to the nature and volume of the samples to be centrifuged. When using the centrifugal tube without a lid, the samples should not be loaded too much to prevent being thrown out during centrifugation. It is strictly prohibited to use centrifugal tubes that are significantly deformed, damaged or aged.   3.2 balancing   The balance of the centrifuge must be balanced using a balance to accurately balance the centrifuge tube and its contents. Note that when balancing, refer to the centrifuge instruction manual. Generally, there is a specified range of weight difference between each centrifuge tube in the instruction manual, and pay attention not to exceed this specified range.   3.3 Centrifugal tube placement method   When placed in a centrifuge tube, must pay attention to is absolutely can't load the singular pipe, when not loaded with centrifugal tube in turn, is only part of the loading, the centrifugal tube must be symmetrically placed in turn to each other, so that the force evenly distributed around the turn, so as to avoid uneven during high speed centrifugal force, the centrifugal GuanFei out of danger.   4 Precautions in use   In the process of centrifuge work, the operator shall not leave at will, should observe the centrifuge on the instrument is normal work, once there is abnormal sound should immediately stop check, and timely troubleshooting.   4.1 Matters needing attention when turning heads   The rotating head is the key part to be protected in the centrifuge. The rotating head has a certain weight, so be careful when moving it to avoid collision and avoid scars. Each turnhead has its maximum allowable speed and cumulative time limit. When using the turnhead, it should be used within the specified speed according to the provisions in its manual, and overspeed is strictly prohibited. Each turning head should have a use file, record the cumulative use time, if exceeds the maximum use limit of the turning head, it must be used in accordance with the regulation. After each use, carefully check the turning head, dry it in time and clean it well. Turn the head for a long time when not used, to be coated with a layer of glazed wax protection.   5 Matters needing attention after centrifuge use   After the centrifuge is used, special attention should be paid to not contaminate the inner cavity of the centrifuge, and pay attention not to fall into dust and oil stains. After wiping clean, it is recommended to open the top cover and keep the centrifugal chamber dry. Note that when cleaning the centrifuge, the rotor, centrifugal chamber and so on can generally be cleaned with water or neutral detergent. Acid and alkaline solutions or corrosive solvents are prohibited.   6 Other precautions   6.1 The centrifuge must be placed on a flat and solid ground or on the test table, and it is not allowed to be tilted.   6.2 Centrifuges should be kept at a certain distance from other electrical equipment, and good grounding measures should be taken, and regular inspection should be carried out to ensure safety.   6.3 After the centrifuge is started, if there is abnormal noise or vibration, it should be shut down immediately.