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Company News About Hersey instruments | new products, strong attack convenient - 7100 by centrifuge
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Hersey instruments | new products, strong attack convenient - 7100 by centrifuge

Latest company news about Hersey instruments | new products, strong attack convenient - 7100 by centrifuge

With the rapid development of society and economy, the market competition is increasingly fierce, a hundred flowers bloom, the major instrument industry giants actively explore the development of differentiation and uniqueness.


Hussey Instruments with the "development of standards, based on standards, leading standards" for the purpose of service, gather digital enabling instruments, at the same time, through the continuous innovation of researchers, the adoption of new technology under the application, 2022 is bound to let more users worthy of expectation and attention.


At the beginning of its establishment, Hussey Instruments has been adhering to the spirit of "quality first, innovation", step by step, to help customers meet the requirements of major experimental testing, quickly won the market recognition of the industry, and grow.


Hussey Instruments new product →710BY convenient centrifuge attack, this new product will help customers to better meet the needs of biopharmaceutical, surface water total phosphorus detection, cell and gene therapy, clinical testing, biochemical testing, academic research laboratory and other fields of scientific research.


710BY Convenient centrifuge


This instrument adopts the design of separating the fuselage from the control end, and uses small program to control the instrument, which solves the problem that the instrument needs to be controlled closely in high-risk environment, and monitors and collects data for the experimental centrifugation process.


Host Features:


1. Separate design, body and mobile control end are designed independently, and control within 10 meters through small program;


2, the use of microcomputer with self-developed control board and large torque AC/DC brushless motor, stable operation, low noise, provide a comfortable laboratory environment;


3. Intelligent iot system, which can be operated with mobile phone or tablet; Can be standard plate.




4, with a variety of warning functions, such as overspeed, overtemperature, overvoltage, imbalance, undervoltage and so on, can monitor and record the centrifugation process, and store the centrifugation scheme;


5, the use of mechanical door lock, easy to operate, adapt to all kinds of harsh environment, just gently close the door cover, that is, will trigger the door lock system, the door cover safe lock (the door cover is not closed state can not start the centrifuge);


6. The centrifugal chamber is made of alloy aluminum, which can resist the corrosion of most chemical reagents and solvents.


7. Have CFDA record and CFDA production qualification, passed ISO 9001 (2015) certification and ISO 13485 (2016) certification.