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Heavy Stainless Steel Multiple Protection High Speed Centrifuge Machine

Product Details

Place of Origin: Changsha, China

Brand Name: HEREXI

Certification: ISO9001、ISO13485、CE

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit

Price: Negotiatial

Packaging Details: Box/Carton

Delivery Time: 8-20days

Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Supply Ability: 650×350×325mm

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Multiple Protection Centrifuge Machine


SS High Speed Centrifuge Machine


3000rpm Laboratory Centrifuge Machine

Control Mode:
Centrifuge Machine
Stainless Steel
Rotating Speed:
Control Mode:
Centrifuge Machine
Stainless Steel
Rotating Speed:
Heavy Stainless Steel Multiple Protection High Speed Centrifuge Machine

Product Description:

High Speed Centrifuge Machine is an essential equipment in large-scale industrial production. It has a frequency of 50HZ, low noise and is made of stainless steel. It features a high rotating speed of 3000rpm, providing large capacity for centrifuge operation.

The high speed centrifuge machine is used for spinning and separating, purifying and concentrating samples in a wide range of applications. It can be used in various industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemical, petroleum, textiles and so on.

High Speed Centrifuge Machine provides a reliable, high performance solution for a wide range of centrifuge operations. With its fast operation, low noise, high capacity and stainless steel material, it is an ideal choice for large scale centrifuge operations.

High Speed Centrifuge Machine is the perfect choice for large scale centrifuge operations, providing fast, reliable and efficient operation. It has a long-lasting, durable construction, and is easy to maintain and operate.


Rapid and Efficient Separation:

High-speed centrifuge machines are designed to achieve rapid and efficient separation of substances based on their density differences, allowing for quick processing of samples.


Variable Speed Control:

These machines offer variable speed control, allowing users to adjust the centrifugation speed according to the specific requirements of their samples and applications.


High Rotational Speed:

High-speed centrifuge machines are capable of reaching and maintaining high rotational speeds, enabling faster and more effective separation of components within a sample.


Large Capacity:

These machines are available in various sizes and capacities, accommodating a wide range of sample volumes, from small laboratory-scale to large-scale industrial applications.


Precise Temperature Control:

Many high-speed centrifuge machines feature temperature control options, allowing for precise temperature regulation during centrifugation to maintain sample integrity and stability.


Versatile Rotor Options:

High-speed centrifuge machines offer a range of rotor options, including fixed-angle and swing-out rotors, allowing for flexibility in sample types and volumes that can be processed.


User-Friendly Interface:

These machines are equipped with intuitive user interfaces that provide easy operation, programming, and monitoring of centrifugation parameters.


Safety Features:

High-speed centrifuge machines incorporate various safety features, such as lid interlock systems, imbalance detection, and automatic rotor recognition, ensuring safe and secure operation.


Low Noise and Vibration:

Advanced design and engineering minimize noise and vibration levels during operation, providing a comfortable and quiet working environment.


Wide Range of Applications:

High-speed centrifuge machines find applications in various fields, including molecular biology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical research, clinical diagnostics, and industrial processes, facilitating sample preparation, cell separation, and purification.



Technical Parameters:

High Speed Centrifuge Machine Specification
Table Top Centrifuge Machine Yes
Laboratory Centrifuge Machine Yes
Color Silver
Weight Heavy
Protection Multiple
Power High
Noise Low
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50Hz
Large Capacity Centrifuge Machine Yes
Capacity Large
Operation Automatic
Speed High Speed



Pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry uses centrifugation for the purification, isolation and quality control of drugs, vaccines, antibiotics. It can separate the components according to their speed and density, thus quite efficient in this area.


Centrifugation is essential to the process of biotechnology. It allows to quickly separate and isolate biomolecules, cells and other materials for research and industrial production.

Food processing

In the food processing industry, centrifugation helps with extraction, filtration and separation processes such as industrial production of juice, dairy products and edible oils.

Chemical industry

Centrifugation is befitting for the chemical industry, as it with this technology it is possible to purify and control the quality of solvents, catalysts and pigments from the liquid mixtures.


The technology is also used in the field of microbiology, for separating microorganisms and creating bacterial pellets for subsequent identification and analysis in clinical or research labs.


In metallurgy, centrifugation is also used for the concentration and purification of minerals in mining through separating ore from the gangue materials.

Waste water treatment

This technique can be applied for clarification and filtration of wastewater in order to separate solids from liquids in sewage treatment plants.

Analytical chemistry

In analytical chemistry, it provides high centrifugal forces for sedimentation analysis and for a density gradient technique in quality control applications.

Biomedical research

Centrifugation also has biomedical research uses. It enables preparation of cell and tissue samples, as well as the isolation of subcellular fractions for biochemical and molecular biology studies.


Support and Services:

Technical Support and Service for High Speed Centrifuge Machine
  • Provide technical support and service for customers on using and maintenance of High Speed Centrifuge Machine.
  • Assist customers in trouble shooting and provide technical advice.
  • Provide repair and maintenance service for High Speed Centrifuge Machine.
  • Replace defective parts and components of the machine.
  • Provide training and guidance for customers on how to operate the High Speed Centrifuge Machine.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for High Speed Centrifuge Machine

The High Speed Centrifuge Machine must be packed in a durable hard-shell case for shipping. The case should be designed to protect the machine from any damage or shock during shipping. The outside of the case should be clearly labeled with the product's name, model number, and the shipper's contact information.

The High Speed Centrifuge Machine should also be secured inside the case with foam padding or other cushioning material to prevent any movement during shipping. The case should also be sealed with adhesive tape to secure the contents.

The package should also include any accessories, extra parts, and a copy of the manual. If the package is shipped internationally, all necessary customs forms and documents should be included.

Finally, the package should be addressed to its destination and sent with a reputable carrier. The shipper should also ensure that the package is insured for the full value of the machine, in case of loss or damage.