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Smart Desktop High Speed Frozen Centrifuge 3H20RI

Product Details

Place of Origin: Changsha, China

Brand Name: HEREXI

Certification: ISO9001、ISO13485、CE

Model Number: 3H20RI

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Delivery Time: 8

Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

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Desktop High Speed Frozen Centrifuge


Frozen Centrifuge 3H20RI


Smart Desktop Frozen Centrifuge

The Name Of The:
Smart Desktop High-Speed Frozen Centrifuge 3H20RI
Rotor Capacity:
4×100 Ml
Maximum Relative Centrifugal Force:
Operating Temperature:
The Name Of The:
Smart Desktop High-Speed Frozen Centrifuge 3H20RI
Rotor Capacity:
4×100 Ml
Maximum Relative Centrifugal Force:
Operating Temperature:
Smart Desktop High Speed Frozen Centrifuge 3H20RI

A centrifuge is an instrument that uses the centrifugal force generated by the rotating head to separate the material of the suspension or emulsion, or analyze during the separation.A wide range of application fields, suitable for chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, mining, teaching and other laboratory use.
The 3H series is optional with multiple angle rotors and horizontal rotors, up to 100 sets of custom programs with excellent versatile features and is a classic Hersey Instrument centrifuge product.It was applied to bacteria, protein precipitation, nucleic acid extraction, cell / subcellular component isolation, and environmentally friendly samples.
3H series intelligent is advanced intelligent equipment, is widely used in biochemistry, health, food safety, life science, agriculture and forestry, science, animal husbandry, blood bank, blood station, biological products, drug products and other fields of sample separation precipitation and concentration preparation of ideal equipment, is inspirational to replace import instruments and a large number of high-new technology products.
Characteristics of intelligent desktop high-speed frozen centrifuge 3H20RI:
1. Adopt Ingram single-chip machine and Infineon drive module, cooperate with independent research and development of control board and large torque AC / DC brushless motor, operate stable and low noise, and provide a comfortable laboratory environment.
2. Adopt fluorine-free refrigeration compressor set and environmentally friendly refrigerant R404a, with a wide temperature control range: -20℃ -40℃, and can be set during centrifuge operation; prefabricated cooling function, rapid cooling to setting temperature; standby cooling function, maintaining setting temperature in standby state, and heating frost function.
3. It has various early warning functions such as overspeed, overtemperature, imbalance, underpressure and excessive pressure, tertiary damping shock absorption, special combination shock absorption device, to make the smooth operation of the motor safe and reliable, prevent sample resuspension, and achieve excellent centrifugal effect.
4.TFT-LCD real color display, touch screen button and physical button double operation mode, with centrifugal force display special keys, and display set parameters and operation parameters, can change parameters at any time during operation, no shutdown, operation interface intuitive, simple, easy to use; operation menu can provide multiple languages (Chinese, English, Russian and Portuguese).
5. Biosafety gas tightness angle rotor adopts silicone rubber integral sealing ring (EU RoHS 2015 / 863), which can avoid aerosol spillover and fully ensure the safety of staff and laboratory environment.
6. The rear Austenitic 304 stainless steel centrifugal chamber is combined with all-steel spray molding shell, one stamping molding steel front face and three-layer steel protective cover and other security devices, which are not only strong and durable, but also ensure the safety of staff and laboratory use.
7. Exquisite industrial appearance design, diamond shape is novel and beautiful, more suitable for corner placement, saving the limited table space in the laboratory.
10. Intelligent desktop high-speed frozen centrifuge 3H20RI, using silent electromechanical motor door lock, which is easy to use. Just by gently closing the door cover, it will trigger the door lock system and lock the door cover safely.
11.10 gear acceleration and 10 gear deceleration speed control, can store 100 groups of user custom programs, convenient to call the common program, the boot is the last use program.
12. Intelligent high speed frozen desktop centrifufuge 3H20RI, multispecification aviation forged aluminum rotors (angle rotor only) and multiple polyamide fiber adapters are available for 0.2mL to 100mL centrifuge tubes or reagent bottles; centrifuge various MTP microplates, PCR plates and cell culture plates.
13. Have the CFDA filing and CFDA production qualification, and have passed the ISO 9001 (2015) certification and ISO 13485 (2016) certification.

Host technical parameters
product model3H20RI
max. cap4×100 ml
Maximum rotational speed (r / min)20800
Maximum centrifugation force (g)29850
Standard rotor12×1.5/2.0 ml
Speed accuracy± 50 r/min (customizable to demand, multiple of 10)
refrigeration systemFluoro-free refrigeration compressor set and control valve (R404a)
Temperature control scope-20℃~40℃
Temperature control accuracy±1℃
action routine100
aggregate capacity1.5 Kw
Time range1-99h59min
The rotor recognitionAutomatic rotor recognition function
Noise, sound≤60 dB
Electricity, sourceAV220V 50Hz
Heavy, quantity75 Kg

outline dimension

(Long, width and height)

710×630×350 mm

Rotor parameters:

product namecapacity3H20RI
speedcentrifugal force
Angle rotor12×1.5/2.0ml2080029850
815ml tip bottom1200014830
8×15ml round bottom1200014830
1210ml through hole60003740
6×50ml through-hole60003670
6×50ml round bottom1200013820
650ml tip bottom1200015120
Horizontal rotor12×10ml40002360
Horizontal microplate plate rotor2248 holes30001120